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Adding Software to the Simpool

Can X library/software package be installed on the simpool?
  • In general, yes. We will add libraries or software packages that may be useful for users. However, we are unlikely to install an obscure and untested piece of software on the simpool; these tools should be built/installed locally, or statically included in your binaries.
Can you install Valgrind, or similar debugging tools to the simpool?
  • No. The simpool is for running stable jobs and obtaining results only. Any debugging/testing should be completed on your own machine before you attempt to run your jobs on the simpool. See the Users Guide for details on proper simpool usage.

Using HTCondor

How do I do X with HTCondor?
  • The first thing you should do is read our Users Guide. It provides basic commands and an example submit file that will likely provide you with all the functionality you need.
The users guide doesn't provide info on the functionality I need, now what?

Problems Using the Simpool

Some of my files are missing, what gives?
  • We are using a distributed filesystem called glusterfs. If you are missing any files it is likely caused by one or more nodes being down, in particular the ones that hold the missing data. Let an admin know and we we'll get the nodes back up as soon as we are able to.
When I try to login I'm being prompted for a password. I thought the Simpool uses public key login?
  • It does, however if you are being asked for a password it is likely due to one or more nodes being down. See above.
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